Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016 Digital for Mac - 80% off

The full, official and legal version of the software – Download directly from Microsoft and authenticate online.

International Copyright

Warranty 1 for 1

Activate online directly

Permanently for 1 machine all languages

Deliver products by email or COD

NOTE: Product comes without CD and physical delivery. Buffcom  will send Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016 for Mac via email or COD to customers. In the email, there will be a link to download Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016 for Mac directly from the Microsoft website and KEY to activate the product license. 


Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016 Digital for Mac edition includes:







With a copyright Office suite. It's important to get everything done. Office Home and Business 2016 Digital for Mac is an application for individuals, families, companies, and agencies who  want to use the basic Office applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote for Windows 10. Copyright. permanently packaged, installed on 1 PC or Mac for use at home or at school and work.


System Requirements

• PC : Microsoft account • Internet access • Windows 10 • 1.6 GHz, 2 core processor • 4 GB RAM, 2 GB (32bit) • 4 GB available disk space • Screen resolution 1280×768 image.


• Mac : Microsoft account • Internet accessibility • Intel processor • 4 GB RAM • 10 GB free disk space • Mac OS Extended or APFS • 1280x800 screen resolution.


Value & benefits of using  copyrighted Office Home and Business 2016 Digital for Mac software

1. Safety, security, anti-virus, malware, data theft, hacker intrusion


2. Stable, smooth product experience, full use of features without restrictions


3. Enhance personal and organizational image


4. Create a competitive advantage when used at work


5. Genuine Technical Support


6. Get the latest, free updates


7. Save time and effort when the system, application works stably


8. Own a permanent copyright, save costs every year


9. Eliminate legal risks in the process of using with criminalized intellectual property law


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Q: Is this Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016 Digital for MacBook license to use forever?

Answer: Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016 Digital for MacBook products are permanently used on 1 PC device with Windows 10 installed correctly.


Q: Will I lose my license if I replace the hard drive?


Answer: the copyright will be calculated according to the main, but changing the hard drive needs to reactivate the key to take effect. You can contact technical support.


Q: Can I use one key for multiple devices?


Answer: no, each key is for 1 device


Q: If I reinstall Windows, will my license be lost?


Answer: no loss. The license will automatically activate when there is a network.


Key Office 2016 Home and Business license will bring you what benefits?


The price when you buy the Key active Office directly from Microsoft will be quite high compared to the common ground you can pay. So we will give you an extremely useful solution - that is to buy a permanent license Key Office at reputable addresses and establishments. And don't miss it ! You will surely get that great experience.

Buy Key Office 2016 Home and Business for Mac license

When using the full, official and legal license key of Office 2016 software, you will enjoy a number of benefits such as:


Use a genuine Key from Microsoft.

Activate directly on your Microsoft account.

The versions are fully installed with the classic office applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint and are integrated with Outlook and OneNote.

Store files in the cloud with OneDrive.

Only compatible with Mac OS X 10.10 operating system.

Outstanding Features of Office 2016 Home & Business for Mac

Like most versions of Office H&B 2019 and the latest Office H&B 2021 , Office 2016 Home & Business for Mac is also fully integrated with essential office applications with newly added features. Specific features of those applications are as follows:


Word Office 2016 H&B

Support updates many new features such as: Translate, Researcher (Smart Lookup), Spelling & Grammar,... New addition and improvement of font features such as sensitivity, italic effect, repeating ink strokes on text editors copy


Excel Office 2016 H&B

Many useful new features have been added, such as: Map Charts, Funnel Charts, Real-time Collaboration… New Excel calculation formulas and graphs will help users analyze data quickly. and more professional.


Buy Key Office 2016 Home and Business for Mac license

PowerPoint Office 2016 H&B

In this version of Office 2016 H&B will have some new features added such as: Morph, Zoom, Designer, QuickStarter, 3D Modeling, Export Slideshow to 4K video, ... Vivid animation features like Morph, Zoom will help the PowerPoint presentation become lively, attractive, and inspire listeners and viewers.


OneNote Office 2016 H&B

This is a type of digital notebook. Allows users to create envelope notes in various formats such as tables, drawings, text, etc. Users can keep their photos, videos, web pages, even audio in one place. It's worth mentioning that notes can easily be shared among other OneNote users.

Outlook Office 2016 H&B

A simple and intuitive email and personal information manager. It has a synced calendar, task manager, contact list, and diary. All the essentials for professional working organizations. It will help you keep everything important in one place without any chaos.


Configuration required to install Office 20216 for Macbook

Have a Microsoft account.

Intel processor.

Minimum RAM capacity of 4GB.

10GB free disk space.

Mac OS Extended hoặc APFS.

Screen resolution 1280×800.

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